Paul McCartney attacks ‘traffic accident’ ‘The X Factor’

Former Beatle says the show is like a 'car accident'

Paul McCartney has slammed reality TV music shows like ‘The X Factor’, saying there are too many of them on the box.

The former Beatle said that reality music shows didn’t encourage creativity, and said he hoped the current interest in them was a passing phase.

“I think there is too much of it,” he said. “You can’t turn on the telly without somebody being judged by four people, whether they are on ice, on the stage or in the jungle.

“I’m not very keen on it. I watch it like everybody. It’s compulsive viewing, but so is a traffic accident.”

He added: “It doesn’t encourage creativity. I don’t think you are going to get a Bob Dylan emerging from those shows, but then not everyone goes on those shows. I think it’s just a phase we are going through.”

The legend was speaking as he launched his side project with producer Youth. The pair record under the name The Fireman, and launched new album ‘Electric Arguments’ at the Fire Station pub in Waterloo, south London, yesterday (November 24).

Also at the conference McCartney said that he didn’t object to illegal downloading, plus revealed that a deal between The Beatles’ estates and EMI that would allow their back catalogue to be available on iTunes had “stalled”.