Sir Paul McCartney’s Anfield concert in cancellation threat

£1.7million deal saves football stadium concert for now

Sir Paul McCartney‘s forthcoming gig at Liverpool FC‘s stadium Anfield was recently under threat of cancellation, it has emerged.

Liverpool City Council had to give McCartney Productions Limited £1.7million to prevent the cancellation. The money will pay for production costs and essentials such as insurance – no profits will be made by either McCartney or the football club.

Around 25,000 tickets for the June 1 show were already sold last year, with a possible further 11,000 to be released, reports BBC News.

Phil Redmond, creative director of the Liverpool Culture Company, said despite the new demands he was confident the event would go ahead, although hinted that more money may not be forthcoming should McCartney‘s company demand further payments.

“I’m not going to say, ‘This concert will go ahead regardless,'” he told BBC Radio Merseyside. “At the end of the day there always comes a line when you say, ‘This is not worth it’.”

The gig is being staged as part of Liverpool‘s year of being European Capital Of Culture.