Paul McCartney talks collaborations with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder – watch

The video interview accompanies McCartney's album re-issues, out next week

Paul McCartney has released a video talking about collaborations from his albums ‘Tug of War’ and ‘Pipes of Peace’ in advance of their reissue next Friday (October 2).

McCartney says the albums were “cast like films, except using musicians instead of actors”.

Stevie Wonder featured on the track ‘Ebony and Ivory’, with McCartney recalling “I wanted Stevie… I was just reaching. It was just, you know, if you could have anyone. We had a good time. We were all out on Montserrat, and we had a good time.”

On Michael Jackson, the former Beatles man said “he was interested in writing with me. He rang me. It was different. I didn’t believe it was him. We had a joke about it, and he said he’d like to write with me. I said great, because I love his voice. He came over to England, and we just sat down. I thought, it’s not easy to sit down with anyone you don’t know and just write. There’s got to be some chemistry there. but I thought, ‘it is Michael, I’ll just try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just throw it away’. ‘Say Say Say’ ended up on ‘Pipes of Peace’.


McCartney shared an alternate take of ‘Ebony and Ivory’ yesterday, which features additional Stevie Wonder vocals.

The re-issues promise “lavish multiple configuration reissue treatment” including exclusive 2015 remixes of both the entire ‘Tug of War’ album and the ‘Pipes Of Peace’ collaboration with Michael Jackson, ‘Say Say Say’.” A “treasure trove” of previously unreleased tracks and never before seen video are also promised.

McCartney also unveiled his latest project lately, a climate change single entitled ‘Love Song to the Earth‘, and featuring a vast cast of musical celebrities. He’s worked with Alabama Shakes, Kanye West and Rihanna over recent weeks.

There’s plenty of nostalgic footage from the recording of the album, too. Watch the video below: