Heather Mills to question Sir Paul McCartney in court today

Ex-Beatle and wife to thrash out divorce settlement

Heather Mills could question her husband Sir Paul McCartney, in court today (February 11), as they negotiate their divorce.

Mills and The Beatles legend are in a closed court to negotiate money and access to their daughter, Beatrice, who is three years-old.

Mills is representing herself, and so could potentially cross examine her estranged husband as part of the proceedings. It is believed she is hoping to gain around £60 million from the settlement.

Legal experts have described Mills’ decision to represent herself without a legal team, as “crazy”.

Divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe told Sky News that the move “really is crazy”, adding, “She’s going to have to argue the law, she can’t just make an emotional appeal to the judge”.

She added: “Only when she gets into court will she realise what an uphill battle she’s got against her.”