Divorce judge: ‘Paul McCartney was honest, Heather Mills wasn’t’

Judge says Mills was 'inconsistent and inaccurate'

Justice Bennett, the judge who made the Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ divorce ruling yesterday (March 17), has said that throughout the case Mills was “inconsistent and inaccurate”, while McCartney was “honest”.

The judgements were written by Bennett in the official court summary of the couples’ divorce ruling case, in which Mills was awarded £24.3 million of McCartney’s money.

“The husband’s [McCartney’s] evidence was, in my judgment, balanced,” he wrote. “He expressed himself moderately though at times with justifiable irritation, if not anger. He was consistent, accurate and honest.”

However, Bennett wrote of Mills: “I regret to have to say I cannot say the same about the wife’s evidence. I am driven to the conclusion that much of her evidence, both written and oral, was not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid. Overall she was a less than impressive witness.”

The judgement, which runs to 327 points, contains some interesting insights into the couple’s affairs, though perhaps most unexpectedly the revelation that Mills suggested McCartney wore an “acrylic finger” to protect his hand while playing live, something he gave her “full credit” for.

Following yesterday’s judgement, Mills admitted she threw water over McCartney‘s lawyer Fiona Shackleton – she also told BBC News she thought the settlement was “outrageous”.