Paul McCartney to learn divorce settlement today (Mar 17)

Former Beatle and Heather Mills in court today

Paul McCartney and estranged wife Heather Mills are set to learn the details of their divorce settlement today (March 17).

The pair could not agree during hearings last month, leaving the judge to decide what the final figure would be.

Reports at the weekend suggested Mills may pocket £25 million, but divorce experts suggest the figure could be as much as £60 million of The Beatles man’s estimated £825 million fortune.

Mr Justice Bennett does not have to make public his decision, but a statement from the Judicial Communications Office last month suggested he could make his judgment public “in whole or in part”.

Publication of some figures is likely to end further press speculation over the amount of the settlement.

Currently the record UK divorce payout is £48 million, which a businessman was ordered to pay his ex-wife last year.

The McCartneys married in 2002 and have a four-year old daughter, Beatrice.

Both Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are expected to attend today’s hearing.