Paul McCartney reveals new album

'Memory Almost Full' will be out in June

Paul McCartney has revealed the details of his new album ’Memory Almost Full’

The follow up to 2005’s ’Chaos And Creation in The Backyard’ will be released on June 4.

The 13 tracks of the album were begun before the ’Chaos…’ sessions with producer David Kahne.

Speaking about the title of the album McCartney said: “I was thinking about what would sum the whole thing up and ‘Memory Almost Full’ sprung to mind. It’s a phrase that seemed to embrace modern life; in modern life our brains can get a bit overloaded.

“I realised I had also seen it come up on my phone a few times. When I started bouncing the idea round with some friends they nearly all got different meanings out of it, but they all said they loved it.”

As previously reported the album will be released on Hear Music, a joint effort between Starbucks and Concord Music Group and will be available to buy from the coffee outlet.

The tracklisting is:

‘Dance Tonight’

‘Ever Present Past’

‘See Your Sunshine’

‘Only Mama Knows’

‘You Tell Me’

‘Mister Bellamy’


‘Vintage Clothes’

‘That Was Me’

‘Feet In the Clouds’

‘House Of Wax’

‘End Of The End’

‘Nod Your Head’

The first single is likely to be ’Dance Tonight’, a video for which was filmed with The White Stripes collaborator Michel Gondry and features ‘Star Wars’ actress Natalie Portman and ‘The Office’ actor Mackenzie Crook.