Paul McCartney: ‘Lennon was the best’

Beatle admits everyone else falls short of the mark

Paul McCartney has admitted that no artist he’s ever worked with has matched John Lennon.

The pair formed a legendary songwriting partnership in The Beatles during their 10 years as a band throughout the 60s.

But McCartney, who has collaborated with the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, has always thought twice about working with other artists since the Fab Four split.

“I’m a little bit wary of collaborating with other people because it doesn’t happen as easily or as amazingly as it did with John,” he told BBC 6 Music‘s The Music Week. “That was one hell of a collaboration.

“I’ve done it quite a bit since and, I think – and I hate to say it – there’s inevitably a sense of disappointment because it was just so cool for John and me to be working together, because we started so young and knew each other’s ways and minds.”

The full interview will be broadast on the station’s The Music Week this Sunday (May 27).

McCartney releases his new album ‘Memory Almost Full’ on June 4.