Five unreleased Paul McCartney songs to feature on new reissues of his 1980s albums

Host of extras feature on post-Wings records 'Tug Of War' and 'Pipes Of Peace'

Five previously-unreleased Paul McCartney songs feature across newly-announced reissues of his 1980s albums ‘Tug Of War’ and ‘Pipes Of Peace’.

Released in 1982, ‘Tug Of War’ features the chart-topping Stevie Wonder duet ‘Ebony And Ivory’ and the Top 10 single ‘Take It Away’. It also includes ‘Here Today’, a song based on an imaginary conversation McCartney wishes he’d had with John Lennon before his murder in 1980, which remains a staple of McCartney’s live show.

The whole album has been remixed, while extras on the bonus disc include the previously-unreleased songs ‘Something That Didn’t Happen’ and ‘Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From’, the B-sides ‘Rainclouds’ and ‘I’ll Give You A Ring’, McCartney’s solo version of ‘Ebony And Ivory’ and six demos of album tracks from ‘Tug Of War’.

‘Pipes Of Peace’, released in 1983, includes McCartney’s duet with Michael Jackson, ‘Say Say Say’, as well as the UK chart-topping title track. Extras include the previously unreleased songs ‘Christian Bop’, ‘It’s Not On’ and ‘Simple As That’, ‘Say Say Say’’s B-side ‘Ode To A Koala Bear’, a new remix of ‘Say Say Say’ by U2 producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent and ‘Twice In A Lifetime’, which was originally released on the album’s 10th anniversary reissue, as well as demos of three album tracks.

The reissues will be released on October 2.

Paul McCartney, who is set to reissue two of his 1980s albums

‘Tug Of War’ and ‘Pipes Of Peace’ will be available in a deluxe edition which adds a DVD, a 112-page essay and a 64-page photobook based on each album. The DVD for ‘Tug Of War’ features a new 18-minute documentary on the making of ‘Take It Away’, plus the videos for ‘Ebony And Ivory’, ‘Tug Of War’ and ‘Take It Away’.

The deluxe edition for the ‘Pipes Of Peace’ DVD features the videos for ‘Say Say Say’, ‘Pipes Of Peace’ and ‘So Bad Music’, plus 13 minutes of home movie footage from Air Studios and Montserrat of the album’s recording sessions.

A super-deluxe edition of ‘Tug Of War’, limited to 1,000 copies, adds five numbered prints of photos taken by McCartney’s late wife Linda McCartney. There is no super-deluxe edition of ‘Pipes Of Peace’.

Both albums will be available as double-vinyl editions in gatefold sleeves pressed on heavyweight vinyl, featuring the original album and the songs from the bonus discs.

The albums are the latest in McCartney’s ‘Archive Collection’ series of reissues, which began with a reissue his 1970 debut solo album ‘McCartney’. However, it isn’t yet clear why the series has skipped from ‘Wings At The Speed Of Sound’ to ‘Tug Of War’, missing out Wings’ final albums, ‘London Town’ from 1978 and 1979’s ‘Back To The Egg’.