The legend hits back at the critics who have been sniping at his second wife Heather...

Paul McCartney has taken the surprise step of calling a UK tabloid newspaper to defend his wife HEATHER against her critics.

The star reportedly told today’s (February 16) Sun newspaper that there is “no problem” between Mills and his fashion designer daughter Stella, despite constant rumours of a rift in the family.

The ex-Beatle is quoted by the paper as saying: “My wife is a really good woman, but people don’t like to accept that.”

He added: “I’m sick of people saying Heather and Stella don’t get on – the truth is they do.”

Mills, who married Paul McCartney in 2002, lost a leg in an accident with a police motorcycle in 1993. Once a model, she is now an anti-landmines campaigner.

Paul McCartney reportedly said of his wife’s work: “The truth is, Heather never seeks publicity for all the work she does with her landmines charity. And yet all that people do is knock her. They don’t see all of the things that she does without asking for any thanks or recognition.”

The pair married in June 2002 and Mills gave birth to the couple’s first child, Beatrice Milly, last October.

[a][/a] has four other children from his marriage to first wife Linda, who died of cancer in 1998, including his step-daughter Heather, Linda’s daughter from a previous marriage.