See the legend prepare to play in front of one of his biggest ever audiences...

Paul McCartney is preparing to play in front of one of his biggest ever audiences – at the 2005 SUPER BOWL on Sunday (February 6).

The star has begun rehearsing for his performance during half-time at the match between New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The event, at the ALL TEL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, is watched by an audience of 144.4 million in the US alone, globally one billion. It is annually the highest-rated TV program in the US.

The event will be broadcast to 222 countries worldwide and translated into 31 different languages.

Paul McCartney said: “There is nothing bigger than being asked to perform at Super Bowl, we’re looking forward to rocking the millions at home and in the stadium.”

“We’re thrilled Sir Paul McCartney has agreed to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XXXIX,” said FOX Sports chairman David Hill. “He is the world’s most influential rock artist, and his music has been part of our culture for 30 years. He, more than any other musician, lives up to this year’s Super Bowl theme of building bridges. His music bridges generations, countries, cultures and musical genres.”