The Beatles legend makes the sensational revelation in this month's issue of Uncut...

Paul McCartney has said he tried heroin – but only by accident.

The ex-Beatle and headliner of this year’s Glastonbury festival told the current issue of Uncut magazine that he’d taken cocaine, but never really experimented with heroin apart from a time when he smoked it without realising.

He said: “I didn’t realise I’d taken (heroin). I was just handed something, smoked it, then found out what it was. It didn’t do anything for me, which was lucky because I wouldn’t have fancied heading down that road. I suppose I learnt from an early age to do things in moderation. My dad always used to say ‘Don’t overdo things. Have a drink but don’t be an alcoholic’. That always stuck with me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, John Lennon talks about his relationship with [a][/a] and The Beatles, his solo work and how he deals with the constant pressures of fame.