Paul McCartney says he won’t buy back Beatles from Jackson

The star is playing a waiting game over song rights…

Paul McCartney has denied that intends to by back rights to THE BEATLES‘ catalogue from Michael Jackson.

Paul McCartneyowns the rights to much of the Lennon and McCartney Beatles catalogue and it has been suggested due to rumoured financial troubles he might put them up for sale, with [/a] being a potential buyer.

However [a] has stated he will not be purchasing them, as the original agreement that sold the rights is nearly up, reports told Ireland Online.

“The interesting thing is, there are actually things in the whole deal that actually revert to me anyway,” said the former Beatle. “There are years approaching, there are dates approaching, that we never thought would approach, where things revert to me. So really, it’s a waiting game rather than a big proactive buying game.”

He added: “(That) suits my personality: just hang on, be patient, it’s cool. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.”