The legend follows his Glastonbury show with an altogether different project...

Paul McCartney is to follow his triumph at GLASTONBURY with another psychedelic adventure.

But fear not, the Beatles star’s new single and DVD will be aimed at children. September 20 sees the release of ‘Tropical Island Hum’ – two decades after his last children’s hit, ‘We All Stand Together’.

The tune will be the centrepiece to a new animated film of the same name, and will be sung by Paul McCartney and a chorus of animals.


Telling the story of one Wirral the Squirrel, the new film will be collected on a new ‘DVD family package’ entitled ‘Paul McCartney: The Music and Animation Collection’, released September 27.

Also featured on the package will be the original cartoon for ‘Rupert and the Frog Song’ alongside a new frog-based film, ‘Tuesday’, a surreal adaptation of the David Weisner book in which frogs flying on lilypads take twilight flight into a small town somewhere in America.

All three shorts were directed by longtime collaborator Geoff Dunbar.

Paul McCartney himself said of the project: “I shouldn’t imagine that too many of the bands at Glastonbury would follow performing ‘Helter Skelter’ by releasing a bunch of cartoons and a single for children, but it’s ringing the changes like that which keeps me interested in the possibilities of life.

“In animation it’s good to have a bit of childlike quality about yourself and that’s just something that’s in me. I’m still fascinated by the things that fascinated me as a kid; the passion for adventure, humour or romance. Sometimes people grow out of that, but I’ve been lucky not to. Because I’ve been involved in music I’ve not had to lose those qualities.”