Will 'Temporary Secretary' catch on in the same way as Elt's 'Are You Ready For Love'?...

Paul McCartney is set to follow in the footsteps of ELTON JOHN by having a lost dance classic re-released.

Elton scored a UK Number One single in September when his 70s track ‘Are You Ready For Love’ was re-released due to demand. Now [/a]’s ‘Temporary Secretary’, an excursion into electro which first appeared on his 1980 LP ‘McCartney II’, is to feature on a forthcoming compilation, ‘Secret History’, which features groundbreaking 80s electronic dance tracks.

‘Temporary Secretary’ was the

third single to be released from the ‘McCartney II’ album and is also his only single to be released on 12″ only. Only 25,000 copies were pressed, and original copies now exchange hands on auction websites such as Ebay for upwards of £50.

[a] said of the track: “People have asked me what were my influences at the time I made the track, and really it was just the arrival of synthesizers and sequencers. The concept for the track came from an Alfred Marks Temp. Employment Bureau advert I saw in the paper.”

He added: “I’m really chuffed at the renewed interest in a track I made 23 years ago. Is this a musical direction I’ll be exploring again in the future? Who


‘Secret History’ is released on November 17.