Geoff Baker back in his old role after reportedly tipping off a photographer that his boss was watching David Blaine...

Paul McCartney has played down today’s story of the ‘sacking’ of his publicist, claiming it was a joke.

As previously reported, police are investigating an alleged fracas between Paul McCartneyand press photographer Kevin Wheal last night by the David Blaine ‘starvation stunt’ in south London. An “incandescent” Paul McCartney was said to have sacked his long-term publicist Geoff Baker on the spot for tipping Wheal off about the visit to the Blaine stunt.

However, Paul McCartney has now backed down and insisted that the episode had got out of hand. Baker, clearly back in his publicist’s role, released the following statement this afternoon: “We went out to dinner with a few friends walking along the Embankment. One of the lads tipped off the press, who were watching a man in a sleeping bag in a box, that Paul McCartney was passing.”

Paul McCartney then continued to joke by telling his mate, who is his publicist, that he was fired. Paul McCartney then got into a car and went home. Reports that this was a fracas or anything other than a group of friends on a night out are heavily exaggerated.”