And the rights to a bunch of other Carl Perkins songs...

Paul McCartney has added ‘BLUE SUEDE SHOES’ and 22 other tracks by the late rockabilly legend CARL PERKINS to his huge back catalogue of songs.

The former Beatles star already owns the publishing rights for Buddy Holly’s songs.

The 60-year-old recorded various Perkins songs in the The Beatles‘ early days, including ‘Matchbox’, ‘Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby’ and ‘Honey Don’t’. He also performed ‘Honey Don’t’ on his US tour last year.

The star said in a statement issued by his music publishing company, MPL : “It’s very exciting to be in the publishing business and a thrill to hear the music that we are lucky enough to publish which now includes the Carl Perkins catalogue. Carl was one of my earliest influences; I am quite simply a fan of his.”

Perkins, the Tennessee-born king of rockabilly, penned [/a] ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, Johnny Cash’s ‘Daddy Sang Bass’ and Patsy Cline’s ‘I Was So Wrong’. He also duetted with [a] on his 1982 ‘Tug of War’ album.

Perkins died in 1998 from throat cancer.