The ex-Beatle will perform for half a million in Rome...

Paul McCartney has revealed that he will play the biggest concert of his career in May.

The former Beatle will put on a free gig for half a million fans in Rome as part of his European tour. though no date has yet been confirmed.

“It will be the most incredible venue for a gig. It’s on the Via Appia outside the Coliseum,” Paul McCartney told the London Evening Standard today (March 24).


The European leg of the ‘Back in the World Tour” kicks off tomorrow (March 25) at the Palais Omnisports in Paris.

The star also spoke about the current conflict in the Gulf. He said, “If Japan bombed Pearl Harbour, it’s clear what you have to do – you have to be at war with Japan,” he said. “But this is a very difficult situation. It’s hard to know what anyone should do. I’m just like anyone else – I’m just watching it unfold.

“What we’re hoping to do is bring joy to the world at this moment – nothing else, I’m not a politician.”

The tour will also give British audiences the chance to hear John Lennon musical ‘love letter’ to Paul McCartney called ‘Here Today’ as well as 23 other Beatles’ songs.

He said, “When someone dies, there’s lots of things you wish you had said. When my dear friend John died, I wrote this song as a form of letter just to say the things I would like to have said to him but never did.”

[a][/a] was the biggest grossing touring artist of last year, earning $103.3 million through his US tour.

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