A date in Moscow's Red Square is mooted...

Paul McCartney is considering a European tour in 2003 – including a date in MOSCOW’s RED SQUARE – after his North American jaunt broke box office records.

The ex-Beatle

completed his 50-date arena trek last week in Phoenix, having grossed about $100 million, and left a trail of house records in his wake. The tour is tipped to end up the top-grossing tour of 2002, averaging about $2 million per night.

Paul McCartney told Billboard: “In some ways, the response has reminded me of the early Beatle tours.”

There is now talk of more dates in 2003, including a run through Europe, a possible performance at Red Square in Moscow, and a tour of Australia.

Paul McCartney adds: “The thing with The Beatles was that we were all just kids and had never done it before. At Shea Stadium (in New York in 1965), we were playing through the baseball PA system. We’re a little more at home now; this band is a great live band, and I’m surprised I still love doing this as much as I do.”

Paul McCartney finishes off the year with shows in Mexico before a return trip to Japan, the site of his notorious 1980 pot bust. “I’ll be better prepared this time,” he joked. “I know how to pack now.”