The rock legend tells NME.COM: "We are looking at European dates now"...

Paul McCartney has denied reports that he is to bin live dates in Europe in a bid to make more cash playing in the US.

A report in The Sun newspaper this morning (February 20) claimed the former Beatles had scratched plans for European shows in early summer because he had calculated that he could generate much more revenue in America. He is due to kick off in the US in April, and had been set to play a number of live dates on this side of the Atlantic a few weeks later.

In a brief statement to NME.COM, Paul McCartney insisted his European plans were still on and hinted that he planned to stay on the road for some time yet.

“We are looking at European dates now,” he said. “And it’s not like this is my last tour.”

A spokesperson said that he had been a little premature in announcing plans for European shows before they were finalised and insisted: “We are looking at a longer tour in America and dates in Europe. We’re trying to put together two large tours.”