Beatles legend will unveil The Fireman alter-ego at UK shows...

Sir Paul McCartney is planning to be his own secret support act for his first UK tour in a decade.

Macca is set to kick off dates in the UK in April. He says he wants his musical alter ego The Fireman to be the warm-up before he takes the stage for his own show, ananova reports.

The Fireman is in fact McCartney and some-time Orb associate turned producer Youth. They released two underground ambient electonica albums in the 90s – ‘Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest’ in 1993 and ‘Rushes’ in 1998.


“What we were thinking of doing is a prelude, a pre-show thing, so that you come in and the atmosphere is a bit like a club,” said McCartney.

“Maybe we’re going to use The Fireman, some Fireman music. I thought of getting Youth and the Fireman to do some special mixes, and then it’ll grow in intensity.”

The name is thought to come from Beatles classic ‘Penny Lane’ which includes the line “And then the Fireman rushes in.

McCartney is set to play 22 Beatles songs during the forthcoming tour.

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