And Malcolm McLaren entertains students with anecdotes about his art school days at the Liverpool Institute For The Performing Arts ceremony...

PAUL MCCARTNEY returned home to LIVERPOOL this afternoon (July 20) to present degrees at the LIVERPOOL INSTITUTE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.

The former Beatle bestowed the title of LIPA Companion on former Sex Pistols Svengali Malcolm McLaren, songstress Joan Armatrading and songwriter Benny Gallagher for their contributions to the Institute.

In the private graduation ceremony which lasted two hours McCartney gave a short speech before handing out awards, degrees and badges to the trio as well as to students from the Insitute.

“He’s been coming up for years,” said Geoff Baker, McCartney‘s spokesperson. “He always comes up to the graduations because he is the lead patron.”

Paul Molloy, 21, of Liverpool band the Skylarks, who received a certificate for completion of the New Deal for musicians course said he appreciated the sentiment of the ceremony.

“It was very encouraging toward musicians who worked hard and it was very humorous as well. Malcolm McLaren was very funny. He was giving funny anectodes about his art school days.”

“Having [McCartney] present the awards was cool. He should have got an award as well for what he’s achieved for making people’s musical dreams positive and showing you can actually do something with your music and get the support you need.”