The ex-Beatle urges world leaders to sign the Ottowa Treaty...

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has urged world governments to sign the OTTOWA TREATY, which would mean worldwide ban on the use of landmines.

According to the Q magazine website, Macca was speaking this week at the UN conference on landmines in Geneva. Accompanied by girlfriend Heather Mills, McCartney gave the opening address, saying “We support the campaign to get every country to join the Ottowa Convention. We want to see an end to the use, manufacture, production, stockpiling and export of landmines. We applaud governments that have already joined. The treaty is a vital step forward.”

McCartney continued: “There is still an urgent need for greater effort to clear mined land and to help the victims. Not enough is being done. Too many people are still being killed and maimed, too much land can’t be used. This is a problem that can be solved, if we want to. Every minute counts.”

According to The Guardian, Britain’s Landmine Action pressure group found last week that landmines are still in use by 11 governments and at least 30 rebel groups in 20 conflicts.