Lennon to be given posthumous millennium honour...

Paul McCartney is expected to be given a peerage in the Millennium Honours List; according to reports, Prime Minister Tony Blair is also considering giving a posthumous honour to John Lennon.

McCartney, who is already a knight, will be honoured for his contribution to music and culture this century.

All four Beatles were awarded MBEs in 1965 by the then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Lennon, who was never comfortable with the award, returned his MBE in November 1969. His chauffeur delivered it to Buckingham Palace ostensibly in protest at British support for American involvement in Vietnam.

There would be a certain irony in his being given a posthumous honour.

The Millennium Honours List is expected to have double the usual numbers of gongs and peerages than the normal New Year’s honours list.

Sad popularity-courting stunt from New Labour or a genuine recognition of the greatest musical talent of the century? Who else should be on the list? Lord Noel of Burnage? Lady Cerys? Sir Crispian Mills? Post a message on Angst!