Paul McCartney played part of Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ on ‘Parkinson’ in 1999

Pair have worked together on a number of recent tracks

Paul McCartney has collaborated with Kanye West on a number of songs recently, including Ye’s latest single ‘All Day’ – a track that features a re-recording of an unreleased song the former Beatle wrote in 1969, which is usually referred to by fans as ‘When The Wind Is Blowing’.

Now, footage unearthed by Noisey has revealed that McCartney played the song during an appearance on Parkinson in 1999, explaining to the chat show host that the piece had been inspired by a Picasso painting he saw in the hospital where his daughter Mary was born.

“There was this Picasso print on the wall of an old man playing a guitar,” said McCartney. “I looked at it all week and towards the end of the week I thought what chords he playing? I’m a guitar player, what is he playing? I noticed he had two fingers here. So I thought I’d try and see what the chord is, and if it sounds any good. Ooh that’s nice. So then I tried to use that as the inspiration, and tried to write a song that only used two fingers.”

Below are the Parkinson outtake, Kanye’s ‘All Day’ and the original recording of ‘When The Wind Is Blowing’.

McCartney recently described himself as feeling “lucky” and “flattered” to be working with West. As well as ‘All Day’, the pair have collaborated on the tracks ‘Only One’ and ‘FourFiveSeconds’, alongside Rihanna. “It’s good to connect with different artists,” he told the Evening Standard. “The secret is I keep myself very open to suggestions – I still feel like I’m about 30.”

He continued, “I’m lucky that someone like Kanye would go, ‘Yes I would like to work with Paul McCartney’. I was quite flattered – I thought, ‘Why does he want to work with me?’ It was a few months later when I was starting to think, ‘should I ring him and ask him did anything come of the stuff we did?’ But then I thought ‘I can’t do that – that’s too soppy!’ I’ll just leave it and try and act cool.”