Paul McCartney’s childhood home sells for £150,000 at auction

Three-bedroom house is in Speke, Liverpool

Paul McCartney’s childhood home has sold for £150,000 at auction in Liverpool.

The three-bedroom terraced house is in Western Avenue, Speke. McCartney moved there age four in 1947 with his parents and lived there for six years.

The house was bought for £50,000 more than its guide price by an anonymous bidder during an auction at the historic Cavern Club, which played host to some early Beatles gigs. “We are delighted to have sold such an iconic piece of The Beatles’ and Liverpool’s history,” Andrew Brown, manager of Countrywide Property Auctions, said.

Beatles guide Paul Beesley told BBC News: “This is an important house because it’s where Paul spent his formative schoolboy years. He was exposed to music from an early age and his dad had a jazz band. Paul’s first instrument was the trumpet.

“There’s an interesting anecdote about the lady who moved into this house after the McCartneys left. She found a Rupert The Bear book in the loft which was signed with ‘this book belongs to Paul and Mike McCartney [Paul’s brother].’

“Paul was a big Rupert The Bear fan and he actually met this lady after hearing she had found the book.”

A few months ago, George Harrison’s childhood home also sold at auction for £156,000. The three-bedroom mid-terrace house at 25 Upon Green in Speke, Liverpool was where The Beatles – then known as The Quarrymen – held some of their earliest rehearsals before rising to fame.