Paul McCartney ‘began writing song inspired by Ferguson protests’

"I thought it would be great to add my voice to the thousands of people walking in the streets," says McCartney

Paul McCartney has said that he has been inspired by the recent civil rights protests in New York and Ferguson and even began writing a song to express his feelings.

McCartney, who wrote The Beatles’ 1968 song ‘Blackbird’ about the civil rights movement of that time, spoke to Billboard about the way in which the fall out of Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s deaths have stirred him creatively.

“I was thinking recently about all these protests in New York and around the country. I thought it would be great to put something down about that, just to add my voice to the thousands of people walking in the streets,” he said. “I thought it through and it just didn’t come easily. I’m not giving up on it, but it didn’t come easily, whereas some other emotions might come easily to me.”

Earlier this year McCartney spoke to NME about a song he wrote specifically written for the video game Destiny.

“I was intrigued by the intricacy of the music because in a game if you go one route a certain piece of the music plays,” he said when asked what drew him to the project. “I know from my kids and my grandkids, they just bury themselves in a game and I don’t think they’ve got time to listen to my music. Their agenda is pretty full with all the other stuff, you know, so I like the idea of infiltrating into their agenda.”

Asked whether or not he’s played Destiny, McCartney responded: “I’m not very good at games. I’ve got so much else to be getting on with; I can’t have my face in a screen, you know, bopping along in a game. I had a go and it was great, but I got mashed almost instantly. The aliens mashed me.”

‘Destiny’ was released earlier this year and is tipped to become one of the highest-selling video game franchises of all time.