Amy Winehouse’s dad rejects Paul McCartney’s claims he could have helped singer

The Beatles star recently expressed regret at not having tried to help her

Amy Winehouse‘s dad has rejected Paul McCartney‘s claims that The Beatles star could have helped the singer.

Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 from alcohol poisoning. She was 27 years old. Today (September 14) would have been her 35th birthday.

In a recent interview, McCartney had expressed regret at not helping the singer despite being aware she had a problem with alcohol and substance abuse. The musician recalled meeting Winehouse at the 2008 European MTV Awards in Liverpool, saying the pair had met in a corridor.


“I knew she had a problem, and I ended up just saying hi, she said hi,” he explained. “Afterwards I thought I really should have just run after her – ’Hey, Amy, listen, you’re really good, I really hope you…’ – and say something that broke through the despair. And she’d remember and think, ‘Oh yeah, I’m good, I’ve got a life to lead.’ But you always have those little regrets.”

Now, Winehouse’s dad, Mitch, has responded to McCartney’s comments.

Appearing on Loose Women, her father said: “What would he have done? It’s up to the person in recovery and they have to want to get help. It’s all about the person who is dealing with her addiction.

“We’ve gone through the hurt and the pain and it’s still painful, and our way to deal with it is to help young people.”


Meanwhile, cinemas across the UK will mark Winehouse’s birthday by playing her second album, ‘Back To Black’, at special Pitchblack Playback events. Lights in the theatres will be turned off so fans can listen to the record undistracted.

Earlier this year, a previously unheard demo recorded by Winehouse when she was 17 surfaced online. ‘My Own Way’ was recorded in 2001 as a demo for the singer to take to record labels.

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