Wings guitarist Henry McCullough has died, aged 72

McCullough recorded with Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd during his career

Henry McCullough, a rock guitarist who performed with Wings and Jimmy Hendrix, has died, aged 72.

The Northern Irish musician, who died on Tuesday morning, toured and recorded with Paul McCartney and Wings in the 1970s. He was invited to join the band following a number of jamming sessions with McCartney, going on to play guitar on Wings’ hit Bond theme ‘Live and Let Die’.

But it was McCullough’s guitar solo on Wings track ‘My Love’ which secured his place in rock history and gave him his first joint US no.1.


Speaking about the solo in 2010, McCartney said: “I’d sort of written the solo, as I often did write our solos. And [McCullough] walked up to me right before the take and said, ‘Hey, would it be alright if I try something else?’ And I said, ‘Er… yeah.’”

It was like, ‘Do I believe in this guy?’ And he played the solo on ‘My Love’, which came right out of the blue. And I just thought, Fucking great. And so there were plenty of moments like that where somebody’s skill or feeling would overtake my wishes.”

McCullough also toured as a session musician with legendary rock acts such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. One of his career highlights came in 1969, when he played together with Joe Cocker at Woodstock, the only Irishman to have performed at the festival.

Singer and musician Van Morrison, with whom McCullough also worked with, said he was “very sorry” to hear about his death.


“I know he had some difficult times recently, but he will be remembered for his long and productive career in music,” he told BBC News.


“My thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.”

In his later years, McCullough signed to the Dark Horse record label of another Beatle, George Harrison, through which he released his solo album, ‘Mind Your Own Business’.

His most recent albums include ‘Belfast to Boston’ and ‘Poor Man’s Moon’.