Listen to a heavily auto-tuned Paul McCartney on his new song ‘Get Enough’

Co-produced by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder

Paul McCartney has shared a new song titled ‘Get Enough’, which sees the former Beatle use Auto-Tune effects on his voice.

The song comes after the release of his latest solo album ‘Egypt Station‘. His 17th full-length record was released in September and included the single ‘Fuh You’.

‘Get Enough’ was co-produced by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Zach Skelton, who also worked on ‘Fuh You’ with McCartney. You can listen to the new song below.


Last month, McCartney released a short film for his single ‘Who Cares’, starring Emma Stone. The ambitious and emotive video was shot on 65mm Kodak Film with Panavision Cameras and comes loaded with “a message of universal positivity”.

“My hope is that if there are kids being bullied, and there are, maybe by listening to this song and watching this video, they might just think it’s not as bad,” said McCartney of the film. “That it’s the kind of thing you can just stand up to and laugh off and get through.”

The video was made in partnership with charity Creative Visions, as well as Subtractive Inc., Facebook, Enso, Artemis Rising Foundation and the Blue Chip Foundation to launch #WhoCaresIDo.

After raising awareness of the message of the track and video, #WhoCaresIDo will then provide viewers “with tools to take action through a network of experts and partners, empowering people to treat others with support and kindness”.


“Millions of people around the world feel silenced, subjugated – bullied – and believe that no one cares,” said Creative Visions Founder Kathy Eldon. “Our intention with this campaign is to put the power of the song to work and inspire us to show up and care–and let others know that we do care.”