Paul McCartney unveils rare demo featuring Elvis Costello – listen

It was originally recorded during the sessions for the Beatle's 1989 album 'Flowers In The Dirt'

Paul McCartney has shared a rare demo which features Elvis Costello – listen to the newly-unveiled track below.

Previously-unheard recordings from the Beatle’s eighth solo album, 1989’s ‘Flowers In The Dirt’, are set to see the light of day this year, with McCartney today (February 1) sharing the first of nine demo tracks from the sessions which featured Costello. Together, the two artists collaborated on four of the album’s 12 tracks, with Costello credited as a featured artist on the song ‘You Want Her Too’.

As part of McCartney’s ongoing Archive Collection, the demo for ‘Twenty Fine Fingers’, which features Costello, has now been shared online. While ‘Twenty Fine Fingers’ has already featured on McCartney bootlegs since the album was released (incorrectly titled as ‘Twenty-Five Fingers’), this is the first time that the demo has been officially released by its creator.


Listen to the demo of ‘Twenty Fine Fingers’ by McCartney and Costello below.

McCartney’s aforementioned Archive Collection will this year see the deluxe reissue of ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ on March 24, which will contain eight other McCartney/Costello demos in addition to ‘Twenty Fine Fingers’. The reissue’s box set option, meanwhile, contains a DVD, a 32-page notebook of McCartney’s handwritten lyrics and notes, a 64-page photobook, a 112-page book featuring exclusive new interviews, and a catalogue from Linda McCartney’s photo exhibition for the album. Find out more about pre-order details here.

Last month, McCartney began legal proceedings against Sony over the ownership of several Beatles songs.