Paul McCartney has been listening to Dominic Fike, St Vincent and Khruangbin

He "keeps in touch with the modern scene" with a little help from his friends

Paul McCartney has shared some of his recent musical obsessions, including Dominic Fike and St. Vincent.

The Beatles legend released his new solo album ‘McCartney III’ last week (December 18) and was hosting a Q&A session on Reddit when a fan asked about his recent listening habits.

“Hi Paul! Love the new album!” a fan wrote. “My question is about the music that inspires you now. Are there any newer (or older) artists that you listen to? Any artists that you fancy collaborating with?”


In response, McCartney wrote: “I’m lucky, I have a friend who sends me new music which helps me keep in touch with the modern scene.

So I listen to people like Dominic Fike, Beck, St Vincent and Khruangbin. I also listen to a lot of classic oldies coming through, from rock’n’roll to 60’s to soul to r’n’b, with a sprinkling of classical music now and then.

Responding to the shoutout on her Instagram Stories, St Vincent wrote: “PAUL MCCARTNEY SAYS HE LISTENS TO ME (?!)”

Credit: @st_vincent/Instagram.

Reviewing new album ‘McCartney III’, NME wrote: “If future archaeologists take this three-album series as a significant marker of his solo half-century, they’ll conclude that Paul McCartney never stopped liberating.”


In a new interview, McCartney said that he still wonders about whether The Beatles would’ve ever reunited had John Lennon lived.

The 40th anniversary of Lennon’s death fell earlier this month. The musician was shot and killed outside his apartment building in New York on December 8, 1980.

“The question is: would we have ever got back together again?” McCartney said. Pressed for an answer, the musician replied: “I don’t know. We don’t know.”

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