Paul McCartney posts meme mocking the Westboro Baptist Church following protests outside Kansas show

Even the Beatle isn't beyond using modern methods to get back at haters

Paul McCartney has posted a meme mocking the Westboro Baptist Church after they protested outside his show in Kansas.

The Beatles star is currently on a tour of the US and was greeted at his Wichita concert last night (July 19) by the sight of members of the church outside the INTRUST Bank Arena.

The WBC brought with them signs and placards that said things like “MAN’S JOB: OBEY GOD” and “BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS”, as Spin reports.


After the show, McCartney posted a doctored image of some of the protestors on Twitter, where someone had changed some of their signs to read “We can work it out”, “I wanna be your MAN!” and “All you need is LOVE”.

“Thanks Westboro Baptist Church for the warm welcome!” read the post’s caption.

Recently, McCartney spoke about the “intriguing process” of making music with Kanye West.

The musician collaborated with the rap icon on West’s singles ‘Only One’, ‘All Day’ and ‘FourFiveSeconds’, which also featured Rihanna.

Recalling how their collaboration came about, McCartney told Tim Minchin in a Facebook live chat: “I got a phone call and my manager said, ‘Kanye West would like to work with you.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it.’ I was a little bit nervous at first, because I thought it could go horribly wrong. But I was intrigued to see what he was up to and how he did it.”


“And it was a very intriguing process,” McCartney continued. “You basically don’t write songs. You basically just talk and noodle a bit and you record it all on your phone. And then he goes away. And that’s basically his record. But it was great doing it because I don’t work like that.”

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