Paul McCartney on the ongoing climate crisis: “the only people who aren’t responding are the government”

"All you can do is what the kids are doing, and protest and do everything you can."

Paul McCartney has opened up about the climate crisis in a new interview.

Speaking to Vice, the former Beatle discussed the ongoing climate crisis at an event to promote a product from his late wife Linda McCartney’s vegetarian food range. McCartney’s family were in attendance at the event alongside rapper Loyle Carner, climate activist Anna Taylor and zero-waste restaurant founder Doug McMaster.

Speaking about the crisis, McCartney said: “It changes really slowly, so all you can do is what the kids are doing, and protest and do everything you can.”


Speaking about recent environmental protests, McCartney said: “I was thinking the other day, ‘Oh, it’s going to turn everyone off’ and sure enough it is: ‘Oh they’re naughty, they’re making noise, it woke me up.’ But it’s like, what about the suffragettes? They were dying for it and now women have rights. Well, some women – not everyone.”

He also went on to note the government’s lack of action on climate change. “The weird thing is that the only people who aren’t responding are the government. Everyone else is going, ‘Yeah!’ and Trump is going, ‘Climate change is a hoax.’”

Paul McCartney
Stella, Paul, and Linda McCartney – Credit: Getty

McCartney also went on to compare his late wife’s Linda’s views with those on the environment and Extinction Rebellion.

“She would have been out front, she would have been out there. You can look at all these protestors and go, ‘They’re out of step, they’re not doing what ordinary people do.’ But then you would still have slavery, you would still have women with no rights. There would be no changes made.

“These things all had to have quite violent beginnings, actually, if you think about it. So this is actually quite nice, stopping a few people going to work. I think we’re at a good place and we need to go further and further, but people need to do it themselves. You can’t bully anyone into doing it, you have to attract people to do it.”


Paul McCartney recently shared two new songs, ‘Home Tonight’ and ‘In A Hurry’.

The tracks were recorded from the same sessions where McCartney recorded last year’s ‘Egypt Station.’ Both of the new releases were produced by Foo Fighters and Adele producer, Greg Kurstin.

Last month, McCartney was also confirmed to headline Glastonbury festival in its 50th anniversary year.