Paul McCartney reveals how Taylor Swift and ‘mad captain’ Donald Trump inspired new album

"I was actually thinking about Taylor Swift and her relationship to her young fans".

Paul McCartney has revealed how Taylor Swift and Donald Trump both inspired his latest album in two very different ways.

Last Friday, the Beatles icon released ‘Egypt Station’, his 18th studio album. In a four star review, NME described it as “a tour de force of his own career.”

Now, he’s explained how album track ‘Who Cares’ was inspired by Taylor Swift’s close relationship with her young fans.


“I was actually thinking about Taylor Swift and her relationship to her young fans and how it’s sort of a sisterly thing,” he told the BBC. “And I was imagining talking to one of these young fans and saying, ‘Have you ever been bullied? Do you get bullied?'”

Paul McCartney

“Then I say, ‘Who cares about the idiots? Who cares about all this? Who cares about you? Well… I do.'”

The album also features ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’, an impassioned attack on climate change deniers.

This, he admits, is inspired by Donald Trump after he announced plans for the US to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

“People who deny climate change… I just think it’s the most stupid thing ever,” McCartney said.


“So I just wanted to make a song that would talk about that and basically say, ‘Occasionally, we’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat we’re all on and he is just going to take us to the iceberg [despite] being warned it’s not a cool idea.'”

When asked if the track was taking aim at anyone in particular, he replied: “Obviously it’s Trump but there’s plenty of them about. He’s not the only one.”

Yesterday, McCartney also explained how he regrets not offering a helping hand to Amy Winehouse before her untimely death. McCartney also revealed how John Lennon once unsuccessfully attempted to convince him to drill a hole in his own skull. 

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