Paul McCartney slams the government after his Liverpool arts school loses funding

"Our funding was recently affected by what to me, and the heads of every university in Liverpool, was a flawed process"

Sir Paul McCartney has slammed the UK government after Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) reportedly lost £16 million in funding.

The institution, which the former Beatle co-founded, claims a “series of errors, made in 2016, cost the institute in potential funding and a further £160,000 for the initial steps of a judicial review.”

The Office for Students (then the HEFCE) is said to have failed LIPA at the first stage of the process in 2016.


Despite being allowed to proceed to the next stage of the funding process – following a subsequent successful appeal – LIPA discovered that all of the funds had already been allocated, according to the Liverpool Echo.

An investigation has now been launched by the Parliamentary Ombudsman over how the Office for Students disqualified LIPA.

“I helped to bring LIPA into life during very difficult times for Liverpool. It is now a highly respected institution all over the world,” said McCartney.

“Our funding was recently affected by what to me, and the heads of every university in Liverpool, was a flawed process. LIPA is my passion and part of my legacy. It would not be fair to allow injustice to affect its future. I sincerely hope the Government will correct this error and help us to continue our work successfully into the future.”

An Office for Students spokesperson confirmed an investigation is underway, but did not elaborate further.


“The OfS is cooperating with the Ombudsman’s ongoing investigation into decisions made by HEFCE which pre-date the creation of the OfS. This is a live investigation and it would not be appropriate to comment any further,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish recently recalled the moment Paul McCartney FaceTimed with her parents.

She added: “I was in a meeting with Stella McCartney and she FaceTimed her dad, who is Paul McCartney! My mom cried, my dad cried.”