Paul McCartney tipped a busker at London’s Charing Cross station

"He gave me two thumbs up, put his hands right up in the air," Charlotte Campbell says

A busker in London says she was tipped by Beatles legend Paul McCartney while performing earlier this week (March 11).

Charlotte Campbell was performing outside Charing Cross station in the centre of the capital when she says the legend approached her and tossed some coins her way.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Campbell says she was “absolutely speechless” when she realised who had approached her, but then managed to thank McCartney as he walked away.


“When he looked up it was Paul McCartney, like actually Paul McCartney and I was so shocked because I am such a huge fan of the Beatles,” she added.

“They are such an inspiration I think to any musician ever – the Beatles are the ultimate –  and to see Paul McCartney and for him to be putting money in my guitar case I was so speechless.

“I couldn’t even speak – it ran though my head all the things I could say and all I managed to say was ‘aw thanks Paul’.”

Campbell says that she then began to play Beatles classic ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ as Macca walked away. “I watched him as he was walking away and he turned back and smiled and he gave me two thumbs up, put his hands right up in the air,” she said.

“I take that as such a compliment. Obviously I wish that I had said to him that he is an inspiration, that I play so many of his songs, that I love so many of his songs that I have grown up listening to his music but I also know that he has probably heard that a millions time before.”


Paul McCartney is set to headline Glastonbury 2020 this summer, the festival’s 50th anniversary.

Yesterday (March 12), Glastonbury announced its first wave of artists for this year’s edition, with boss Emily Eavis also referencing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“As things stand we are still working hard to deliver our 50th anniversary Festival in June and we are very proud of the bill that we have put together over the last year or so,” Eavis wrote.

“No one has a crystal ball to see exactly where we will all be 15 weeks from now, but we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that it will be here at Worthy Farm for the greatest show on Earth!⁣”