Sir Paul McCartney is a vlogger now

"Let's ROCK!"

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed a hidden passion: vlogging.

Whilst recently touring in New Zealand, The Beatles’ former guitarist kept his social media savvy fans up to date on all his adventures.

The two recent uploads include the musician standing by a post showing off the “beautiful” New Zealand countryside, and a video of McCartney “saving” a baby kiwi bird.

“Looking forward to the gig on Saturday night in Auckland. Hope to see you there! Come on, let’s ROCK,” he says.

Finally in NZ x 🇳🇿#oneonone

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“This is Bubbleicious,” he explains whilst holding the kiwi. “And he is delicious. Lovely little kiwi. And strong.”

Watch Paul holding a kiwi below:

This is not McCartney’s first foray into vlogging, having recently donned a festive Wings jumper and pulled out some big hand gestures to tell his Australian fans ahead of an upcoming concert: “Let’s get rocking!”

On our way to Australia 🇦🇺 #oneonone

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McCartney recently signed and auctioned a 50th anniversary Beatles box-set to raise money for the Manchester victims’ fund.

£3,375 was raised from the auction, and will go to benefit two of the families who were affected by the devastating terror attack that took place on an Ariana Grande concert in May.

A festive music heavyweight, McCartney’s long-lost Christmas album ‘Unforgettable’ recently resurfaced over 50 years after it was made.