The 19-year-old collapsed and died after taking what she took to be ecstasy...

A young girl has died from suspected ecstasy-related causes at PAUL OAKENFOLD’s debut appearance in PORTLAND, OREGON.

According to reports on [url=]www.ananova.com, 19-year-old Melissa Flaherty collapsed after taking what she believed to be ecstasy, but doctors think may have been a combination of ketamine and MDA, a more volatile version of the MDMA compound that makes up ‘pure’ ecstasy. Flaherty was rushed to the local hospital after collapsing at around 6am.

Promoter Kelly Monroe was insistent, though, that ecstasy was not the cause of death. “I talked to her about seven minutes before she dropped,” he said. “She was down, she was up, and then she just laid down and died. I’ve seen some things in my time, and that was not E that did that to her. That was something much more severe and violent.”

The appearance of Oakenfold at the warehouse party in the city’s Water And Main area led to some of the biggest crowds the city had seen for a dance music event, though Oakenfold’s set had finished some hours before Flaherty collapsed.

However, a drug-related death at such a high-profile event is likely to fuel the ever-increasing moral panic over dance music and ecstasy that is currently sweeping the US.

“It’s a big problem,” Captain James Ferarris, head of the Portland Police Bureau’s drug and vice division, told www.ananova.com. “In years past, we seized a handful of ecstasy pills, and I mean a literal handful. In January 2001, we seized about 5,000.”