The British DJ has recorded the highest ever first weeks sales for a dance music compilation in the US..

Paul Oakenfold has recorded the highest ever first week sales for a dance music compilation in AMERICA with his latest mix CD, ‘PERFECTO PRESENTS…PAUL OAKENFOLD’S ‘ANOTHER WORLD”.

The compilation has sold 13,000 copies in over the counter sales in its first week, and over 80,000 copies have been shipped to stores all over the US. The sales come after Oakenfold dedicated vast amounts of time, to seducing the States to his trademark trance sound.

Speaking about his success in the US, he said: “Like anyone else, it is important for me to crack America. I spend every second month in the US and I play every night, I realise how difficult it is and how much work it takes.”

Although not selling quite as well, Sasha & Digweed‘s recent ‘Communicate’ compilation also did well in the compilation charts, with their monthly residency at New York‘s infamous Twilo club turning hordes of American dance fans onto the British sound.

A British version of ‘..Another World’, featuring different tracks and entitled ‘Travelling’, is released this week.