The success of the North American 'Old Friends' jaunt means the duo are planning to take it further afield...

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL have announced plans to add another leg to their ‘OLD FRIENDS’ reunion tour, which has so far seen the duo play to 500,000 people and bring in $53 million by the time it finished in December 21.

Before ‘Old Friends’, the pair had not played a major tour together since 1993, though Garfunkel’s manager John Scher has now said that there will be more dates, possibly as early as June.

Scher said: “They will play almost exclusively in markets where we have not gone.”


However he added that the jaunt “may go back to a market that was underplayed the first time around.”

The extra dates would see Simon and Garfunkel rejoined by their support act The Everly Brothers for the shows, which could expand from North America to Europe before the possibility of a brief run in Japan.

According to Billboard, Paul Simon said of the reunion tour when it was first announced: “It was time to just say forgive and forget and move on. Since we seem to be doing this once every 10 or 12 years, I think this is probably the last time that we’re going to do this. The performance and the experience is freighted with the potential for something extraordinary to occur. I hope that will happen.”

The announcement of further dates comes in the wake of Garfunkel being charged after police found marijuana in the singer’s limousine.

The star had been riding alone in the car through New York’s Hurley area, when the vehicle was pulled over for speeding. The officer claimed he could smell pot, conducted a search of the car and found a small amount in Garfunkel’s jacket pocket.

According to MTV News, he was charged with possession of marijuana and faces a $100 fine, unless he has had a conviction within the last three years, in which case he would face a more serious penalty.