Art Garfunkel to perform again after lengthy vocal problems

Singer known as 'The Voice' has been suffering from vocal paresis since 2010

Art Garfunkel is to perform again, four years after the vocal-cord injury that caused the cancellation of Simon And Garfunkel’s 2010 summer tour.

The singer, known as ‘The Voice’ due his angelic way of singing, has been suffering from vocal paresis for the past four years, a condition where the vocal cords are weakened making it painful or impossible to sing, coupled with a hoarse speaking voice and in some cases, shortness of breath. It was brought about by his heavy smoking, something he only recently gave up.

In a statement, Garfunkel said: “The voice is back. I’m in flight again. I believe I have grown through adversity. A new creation has emerged that is truly exciting me — my stage show.”


Garfunkel will begin a 15-date tour in Franklin, Tennessee, later this month, with high hopes of further shows, and even a possible reunion with Paul Simon. Speaking to the Press Association around the time of a greatest hits compilation, ‘Singer’, in 2012, Garfunkel said he hoped to sing with his old friend once again, and was confident they would. Simon, however, says they will never record together again.

Garfunkel was also confident he would make a full, if slow, recovery and was hoping to perform a few low-key dates in order to test his voice before announcing a return. He did just that late in 2013, playing at Cleveland’s Hanna Theater in December, mixing Simon And Garfunkel classics such as ‘The Boxer’ and ‘The Sound Of Silence’ with his own work, including ‘Bright Eyes’, best known for its use on the soundtrack of animated film ‘Watership Down’, and ‘Perfect Moment’, as well as a cover of Randy Newman’s ‘Real Emotional Girl’.

In November of 2010, Garfunkel told Rolling Stone: “In my bones I feel healthy. I know it’s coming back. I just have to be patient. Two weeks ago, my doctor put a camera down my nose into my throat. He said ‘I really like what I see. You’re in good shape, basically. All the apparatus is right. You will definitely be a singer and just fine again. You just have to have patience. You just irritated it with the heat of smoking until two and a half months ago’.”