Simon & Garfunkel could return to touring in 2011

Art Garfunkel says his voice is on the mend

Simon & Garfunkel could return to touring before the year ends, Art Garfunkel has said.

Garfunkel has been out of gigging action after being diagnosed with vocal cord paresis last year. However, he has said that he could be well enough to perform again towards the end of 2011.

“Late 2011 – I feel in my bones, in my cells, that that’s the scenario,” he told Billboard when asked when the pair could tour again.


He added: “Give me a little more time. At the rate the voice is coming back, I should be in pretty good shape by, as the corporations say, the fourth quarter of 2011. I’m never going to give up on my crusade to return to the stage.”

The pair had to cancel tour dates last June due to Garfunkel‘s condition.

His musical partner Paul Simon already has solo dates scheduled for 2011 and is set to begin touring next month.

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