Simon And Garfunkel to reunite for tour

Pair set for first joint jaunt since 2004

Simon and Garfunkel are set to reunite for a tour – their first since 2004.

Garfunkel joined Simon on stage during Simon‘s gig in New York on February 13, subsequently telling BBC News that they are set for a full joint tour – although they are unlikely to play UK dates.

“Our plan to work together is coming together but it doesn’t go through England this time,” said Garfunkel. He then would not confirm or deny if this meant that a US tour was on the cards.


The duo last reunited for tours in 2003 and 2004 – the first time they had done so in 20 years.

Speaking about playing with Simon again, Garfunkel added, “I said to the audience, ‘You don’t have a right to expect, and we didn’t expect, that the interest in us would last and you would still care right to today and I’m touched’.”

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