The star issues a statement exclusively to NME.COM after being cleared of involvement in an alleged rape...

Paul Weller has called for a change in the law on the reporting of alleged rape cases after he was cleared this afternoon (October 27) of involvement in an alleged rape in FARNHAM, SURREY four years ago.

In a statement released exclusively to NME.COM, Weller claims his name has been “tarnished”. He goes on to call for the “need for anonymity…extended to both parties in such cases…especially prior to any criminal charges being brought.”

He said: “I’m both relieved and pleased that this is the end of the ordeal. From the start I have emphatically denied the allegation. Rape is despicable, and to be accused of the crime has been one of the most depressing moments of my life.


“I should add, however, that the current legal system, in which only the alleged victim in a rape case is guaranteed anonymity, seems to me grossly unfair. My name has been tarnished even though there is no substance in the allegation – I doubt very much that the news of my innocence will make the same headlines as the story of my arrest.

“While I understand the need for anonymity, it should be extended to both parties in such cases, especially prior to any criminal charges being brought.”

Surrey Police have also issued a statement, which said: “Following investigation and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service it has been decided that the matter will not be subject to further police involvement.”

Paul Weller is due to start a UK tour tomorrow night, which calls at: Poole Arts Centre (October 28)

Hereford Leisure Centre (29)

Blackpool Empress Ballroom (31)


Carlisle Sands Centre (November 1)

Hull Arena (2)

London Earls Court (4)

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