Paul Weller to release 74-song rarities box set

Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and Tim Burgess have contributed to the set

Paul Weller will release a four-CD set of rare and live tracks spanning the length of his solo career on November 3.

The 74 songs on ‘Weller At The BBC’ were recorded by the former Jam man during exclusive sessions and live shows for the corporation between 1990 and 2008.

The release features covers of Marvin Gaye‘s ‘What’s Going On’ and Rose Royce‘s ‘Wishing On A Star’.

OasisNoel Gallagher appears on a live version of Weller‘s adaptation of Dr John‘s ‘I Walk On Gilded Splinters’, as he does on the 1995 recorded version.

Other highlights include a previously-unreleased cover of Ronnie Lane‘s ‘The Poacher’, recorded for BBC Radio 1‘s Evening Session in 1997, and recordings from Weller‘s 1995 headline appearance at the Phoenix Festival.

Musicians including Gallagher, Primal Scream‘s Bobby Gillespie and The CharlatansTim Burgess have been interviewed for a 64-page booklet that will accompanying the album.

The full tracklisting for ‘Weller At The BBC’ is:


‘Fly On The Wall’ (Johnnie Walker 5.9.92)

‘Pink On White Walls’ (Johnnie Walker 02.10.93)

‘Amongst Butterflies’ (Johnnie Walker 02.10.93)

‘Wild Wood’ (Johnnie Walker 02.10.93)

‘Hung Up’ (Emma Freud 26.10.94)

‘Out Of The Sinking’ (Emma Freud 26.10.94)

‘Clues’ (Emma Freud 26.10.94)

‘Whirlpool’s End’ (Emma Freud 26.10.94)

‘Out Of The Sinking’ (Lunchtime Show 01.11.94)

‘Broken Stones’ (Evening Session 08.05.95)

‘Time Passes’ (Evening Session 08.05.95)

‘The Changingman’ (Evening Session 08.05.95)

‘I Walk On Gilded Splinters’ (Evening Session 08.05.95)

‘Broken Stones’ (Simon Mayo 08.05.95)

‘You Do Something To Me’ (Simon Mayo 08.05.95)

‘Brushed’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)

‘Peacock Suit’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)

‘Up In Suzie’s Room’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)

‘Friday Street’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)

‘Mermaids’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)

‘The Poacher’ (Evening Session 10.06.97)


‘Driving Nowhere’ (Mark Goodier 23.11.97)

‘Friday Street’ (Live In The Studio 19.9.97)

‘Science’ (Jo Whiley)

‘Wishing On A Star’ (The Drivetime Show With Jonnie Walker 01.09.04)

‘Thinking Of You’ (The Drivetime Show With Jonnie Walker 01.09.04)

‘Corrina, Corrina’ (Mark Lamarr For Jonathan Ross 08.01.05)

‘Early Morning Rain’ (Mark Lamarr For Jonathan Ross 08.01.05)

‘Foot Of The Mountain’ (Mark Lamarr For Jonathan Ross 08.01.05)

‘To The Start Of Forever’ (Janice Long 04.03.05)

‘Out Of The Sinking’ (Janice Long 04.03.05)

‘Paper Smile’ (The Drivetime Show With Stuart Maconie)

‘Come On Let’s Go’ (The Drivetime Show With Stuart Maconie)

‘Amongst Butterflies’ (Mark Lamarr Sold On Song 11.02.06)

‘Frightened’ (Mark Lamarr Sold On Song 11.02.06)

‘That’s Entertainment’ (Mark Lamarr Sold On Song 11.02.06)

‘All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)’ (Mark Lamarr God’s Jukebox 05.07.08)

‘Cold Moments’ (Mark Lamarr God’s Jukebox 05.07.08)

‘Push It Along’ (Mark Lamarr God’s Jukebox 05.07.08)

‘Pretty Flamingo’ (Mark Lamarr God’s Jukebox 05.07.08)


‘My Ever Changing Moods’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘A Man Of Great Promise’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘Kosmos’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘Speak Like A Child’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘Just Like Yesterday’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘Work To Do’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Pity Poor Alfie’ (Town And Country Club 05.12.90)

‘What’s Going On’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Uh Huh Oh Yeh!’ (Always There To Fool You!) (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Hercules’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Bull-Rush/Magic Bus’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Above The Clouds’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Everything Has A Price To Pay’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Headstart For Happiness’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Into Tomorrow’ (Royal Albert Hall 13.10.92)

‘Porcelain Gods’ (Phoenix Festival 13.07.95)

‘Stanley Road’ (Phoenix Festival 13.07.95)

‘Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)’ (Phoenix Festival 13.07.95)


‘Shadow Of The Sun’ (Phoenix Festival 13.07.95)

‘I Walk On Gilded Splinters’ (Phoenix Festival 13.07.95) (With Noel Gallagher)

‘Out Of The Sinking’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96) (With Jools Holland)

‘Hung Up’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96)

‘Sunflower’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96)

‘Broken Stones’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96) (With Jools Holland)

‘Fly On The Wall’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96)

‘Tales From The Riverbank’ (Finsbury Park 09.06.96)

‘Peacock Suit’ (Victoria Park 08.08.98)

‘Heavy Soul’ (Victoria Park 08.08.98)

‘Science’ (Victoria Park 08.08.98)

‘I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You’ (Radio Theatre 09.11.98)

‘Brand New Start’ (Radio Theatre 09.11.98)

‘Wild Wood’ (Radio Theatre 09.11.98)

‘Friday Street’ (Radio Theatre 09.11.98)

‘The Changingman’ (Radio Theatre 09.11.98) (With Ian McLagan)