Paul Weller records track with Gabrielle

Modfather appears on soul singer's new single

Paul Weller has teamed up with Gabrielle on her forthcoming comeback single.

The Modfather plays guitar and backing vocals on the track ‘Why’, Gabrielle‘s first in three years, which features a sample of Weller‘s classic hit ‘Wild Wood’.

“I’d met him before but having him say he’d do the song was another thing,” said Gabrielle of the collaboration. “I didn’t think my producers, Andy Dean and Ben Wolff, would be able to get him in but they pulled it off as, a few weeks later, there I was in a studio secretly drooling over Mr Weller. I just was hoping he wouldn’t walk in and think: ‘What’s this south London bird done to my music?’ But he was cool.”

The star admitted that she was a big fan of his work and hinted at teaming up with Weller in the near future.

“I was surprised at how soulful he is,” she told The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend. “It was an honour working with him. I’d love for us to perform together. I think he’s going to do a few things with me.”

The single is due out on Monday (September 24) and will appear on Gabrielle‘s new album ‘Always’, which will hit record stores on October 1.