Paul Weller reveals chances of Jam reunion

The singer speaks out

Paul Weller has ruled out any chance of reuniting The Jam.

The band’s former frontman, who will be honoured at next year’s Brits with an Outstanding Contribution To British Music Award, has said he will never reform the three-piece where he initially made his name.

“Nah that would never happen. Why would I want to go back? For nostalgic reasons? That’s never good enough,” he told Uncut. “My philosophy is to embrace the new day and get on with it. If The Jam reformed now it’d just be a sad cabaret and that’s not what I’m about at all.”

Weller also added that recent reports that he is worth £165m were wide of the mark.

Noel Gallagher called me up when he read that and said, ‘You’ve been holding out on me, you tight bastard – lend us a tenner,” he recalled. “But £165 (million) is way, way off what I’m worth. If anyone knows where all those missing millions have gone, please give me a call.”

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