The Modfather speaks of his sunny follow-up to 'Heavy Soul'...

Paul Weller is due to release his new album ‘Heliocentric’ in April 2000.

The album, the title of which means the sun is the centre of everything, includes new songs such as ‘There Is No Drinking After You’re Dead’, ‘He’s The Keeper’, ‘A Whale’s Tale’, ‘Frightened’ and ‘With Time And With Temperance’.

The last two tracks feature string arrangements by Robert Kirby who worked on Nick Drake’s ‘Five Leaves Left’ and ‘Bryter Layter’.

In a recent interview, Weller revealed: “It’s the opposite of ‘Heavy Soul’ (his last album) in that it’s quite pastoral and folky.

“A lot of the tracks are acoustic rather than electric, so it’s got a kind of warm, mellow feel to it.”

Weller’s been recording the album in studios in the south of England, including Abbey Road.

He’s likely to release a single from the new album in March and then tour around the album release.