The Modfather rails about age, Nick Kershaw and why he split The Jam all those years ago...

Modfather Paul Weller has spoken out against ageing stars in music, calling rock and roll the “property of young people.”

Interviewed in this week’s NME, cover dated April 15 and in UK shops from tomorrow, the Woking wonder explains that this lay behind his reason for splitting The Jam in 1982. “It’s daunting splitting the biggest band in the country when you’re 24. I wouldn’t exactly call it a logical career. I just didn’t want to be in The Jam at 25, 30. The older you get the more fucking stupid you look”, he said.

Weller shares the paper’s first regionally split cover in its 48 year history. He will appear on the cover of editions sold outside of London while Ken Livingstone adorns the front of the London only copy.

In a wide-ranging chat Weller discusses how the state of music through the 1980’s: “It was awful wasn’t it, the 80’s… I mean Adam Ant? Nik Kershaw? Howard Jones? Jesus, it was bad. Nobody had anything to say.”

He also explains that his tastes have changed little over the years. “At school I was interested in wanking, music, birds and clothes. That’s it. Not a lot changes, eh! ”

Weller released his fifth solo album ‘Heliocentric’ yesterday (April 10), though Universal Island.

See the rest of Weller’s exclusive interview in this week’s issue of NME – and you can see an exclusive web video interview with him here on nme.com tomorrow.